From luxury cars, luxury apartments to luxury villas for sale in Dubai, the place has it all. There is nothing that you will not find in Dubai. A number of restaurants in Dubai, some pricey though some overpriced, are offering cuisines of every type to satisfy the taste buds of people. In this guide, we have listed some restaurants to try in Dubai in 2021 if you are craving authentic seafood.


This restaurant holds an environment and interior setting that is pretty hard to find in Dubai. That is why this restaurant is also considered one of the most romantic spots in Dubai for a perfect date. Except for the great setting and environment, this place also offers a wide menu of delicious seafood that will blast your taste buds. The restaurant is notorious for providing splendid views of the Dubai Marina while you enjoy your delicious lunch or breakfast here.


This place is situated on the seafront of Bluewaters Island and is inspired by the Amalfi Coast. The place is famous for providing world-class seafood at prices that are neither cheap nor expensive. In short, the prices will not take an extra toll on your pocket. A number of cuisines are present at this restaurant with a great environment for families. This restaurant should be on your bucket list if you are looking for a fine-dining experience with your family.

Al Mahara:

This place is inside Burj Al Arab which provides top-quality seafood with other exquisite cuisines as well. The dishes offered at Al Mahara can take a toll on your budget as it is pretty costly because of the luxurious atmosphere that it provides to the customers. Though, the food is pretty great in quality and quantity and will certainly provide a great deal of satisfaction to your taste buds.


This place is visited a lot by seafood lovers as their special dish, ChilliPeppercrab is very famous amongst the people of Dubai. Though, this is not the only thing that this place is famous for. The menu is widely filled with a number of delicious dishes. They have infused a certain Singaporean mix in their recipes that you will crave again and again once you try them. This restaurant has a separate area for kids too that can be an attraction for people having kids.

Ibn Al Bahr:

Ibn Al Bahr is next on our list of Dubai’s best seafood restaurants. A flavoursome selection of Lebanese seafood is served in the restaurant. Freshly captured and finely grilled, all the fish served in the restaurant blasts your taste buds and is measured in kilos and priced accordingly. You should also enjoy their lip-smack fish curry and prawns, other than the usual dishes that you can find in almost any other restaurant. The place provides an ambience that attracts customers a lot.


Without including a high-class sushi restaurant on our list of top seafood restaurants in Dubai, it will be considered incomplete. Nobu, a Japanese restaurant built and managed by renowned Chef NobuMatsuhisa, provides a culinary ride for your taste buds. It is also one of Dubai’s most famous chef’s restaurants. Although there are delicious flavours in the entire restaurant’s menu, the place is wonderful if you’re looking for real seafood dishes that meet your needs.

Bice Mare:

Bice Mare can’t be skipped by anyone in search of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai. This restaurant in Dubai is a paradise for foodies, offering the authentic flavours of Milan, Italy, mixed with the freshness of the best seafood. Try the caviar and artichoke lobster carpaccio or dive into the fillet of salmon served with a grilled barbecue and a yoghurt sauce – the flavours are perfect. The added beauty is the stunning view of the Dubai fountain.

These are the top restaurants to try out in Dubai in 2021 if you love seafood and want something that will be a real treat for you. Though some of the places are pretty pricey, the quality of the food is not compromised and you will be served with such flavours that your taste buds will remember for ages. You can choose to dine-in in the restaurants near the City Walk apartments for sale if you are on a tight budget as the place holds a number of cheap restaurants in its close proximity.